STMicroelectronics – RF module provides easy wireless links for lighting equipment (SPSGRF-868)


SPSGRF modules: complete RF system

STMicroelectronics has introduced a series of easy-to-use, low-power modules based on the SPIRIT1 RF transceiver.

The SPSGRF-868 operates in the 868MHz Short-Range Devices (SRD) band, and the SPSGRF-915 in the 915MHz ISM band. The modules, which provide a complete RF platform for wireless communication between luminaires and control units, are housed in a tiny 13.5mm x 11.5mm x 2mm package.

As well as the SPIRIT1 transceiver, the SPSGRF modules include an antenna, balun and filter, RF tuning network, power-supply filter and 50MHz crystal.

• SPSGRF-915 is FCC- and IC-certified
• SPSGRF-868 is CE0051-certified
• 9.7mA Receive current
• 21mA Transmit power at 11dBm