STMicroelectronics – SuperMESH 5 technology makes for highly efficient 800V MOSFET 6A-rated STx7N80K5


MDmesh II Plus MOSFET: low on-resistance and gate charge

STMicroelectronics has brought high-efficiency MOSFET technology to 800V applications with the 6A-rated STx7N80K5.

This N-channel Zener-protected power MOSFET uses ST’s avalanche-rugged, very high-voltage SuperMESH™ 5 technology, which is based on an innovative vertical structure developed by ST. This structure produces MOSFETs characterised by very low on-resistance and gate charge, making them perfect for applications which require high power density and efficiency.

In particular, designers can use very high-voltage MOSFETs to meet the stricter power and efficiency targets laid down by the latest eco-design standards, and to realise green energy applications such as solar micro-generators and charging points for electric vehicles.

The new device is available in a range of packages: the STD7N80K5 in a PAK package, the STP7N80K5 in a TO-220, the STU7N80K5 in an IPAK, the STFI7N80K5 in an I2PAKFP and the STL7N80K5 in a PowerFLAT 5×6 VHV.

ST’s SuperMESH 5 MOSFETs are the industry’s first super-junction MOSFETs to be capable of withstanding peak voltages up to 1,200V. As well as the 800V STx7N80K5, the series also includes 850V, 900V, 1,050V and 1,200V devices, each offering the best-in-class MOSFET figure of merit.

ST also has a 600V, 5A N-channel power MOSFET based on a new generation of MDmesh™ technology, MDmesh II Plus™. The fabrication technology used in the STx7N60M2 series yields extremely low on-resistance and gate charge. The STx7N60M2 is therefore suitable for the most demanding high-efficiency converter designs.


  • 13.4nC total gate charge at 10V, 6A
  • Maximum 1.2Ω on-resistance at 10V, 3A
  • 100% avalanche-tested
  • Operating junction-temperature range: -55°C to 150°C


  • Flyback switching power supplies
  • LED drivers