TE Connectivity – Space-saving connector provides reliable power junction in indoor lighting


TE Connectivity: easy, tool-free installation

TE Connectivity’s (TE) two-position wire-to-wire connector provides a space-saving means to connect a power cable to a luminaire in indoor lighting applications.

The low-profile connector, which is UL/CSA 2459-compliant, helps to eliminate the risk of electric shock. The plug has the part number 2271180-1. The receptacle is the 2271183-1. The mated connector is the 2271203-1.

The connector accepts 18 AWG-22 AWG solid or tin-dipped stranded wires. It provides for easy, tool-free installation, and a bump designed into the housing eliminates the risk of mis-mating.

The connector’s poke-in technology allows for easy repair. With dual contact surfaces and a metal stopper, it offers highly reliable operation. The contacts are fully fixed in the housing and feature an additional lock bar for assured retention.


  • 3A maximum current with 18 AWG cable
  • 4A maximum current with 22 AWG cable
  • 600V AC maximum voltage
  • 2,200V AC dielectric strength
  • Ambient temperature range:-40°C to 105°C
  • Rated for 10 mating cycles


  • Indoor lighting
  • Downlights
  • Commercial lighting