Cypress Semiconductor – New S6E2C series MCUs offer high performance in safety-critical industrial systems and home appliances


Cypress Semiconductor has announced the availability of three new series of devices in its high-performance FM4 portfolio of microcontrollers based on the ARM® Cortex®-M4 core.

The S6E2C series of FM4 devices features a CPU operating at up to 200MHz, 2Mbytes of Flash, 256kbytes of SRAM, 190 GPIOs, 27 communication peripherals, 36 digital peripherals and four analogue peripherals. The series is intended for use in high-end motor-control and industrial applications.

For industrial-automation and metering applications, the S6E2G series of FM4 devices offers a CPU operating at up to 180MHz, 1Mbyte of Flash, 192kbytes of SRAM, 153 GPIOs, 20 communication peripherals, 33 digital peripherals and three analogue peripherals.

The S6E2H series’ CPU operates at up to 160MHz, and the MCUs feature 512kbytes of Flash, 64kbytes of SRAM, 100 GPIOs, 12 communication peripherals, 27 digital peripherals and four analogue peripherals. The S6E2H series is intended for use in motor-control systems and home appliances.

The superior performance of the FM4 MCU portfolio is demonstrated by their high CoreMark® scores. The S6E2C series provides a best-in-class 675 CoreMark score at 200MHz. For the new S6E2G and S6E2H series, the CoreMark scores are 608 at 180MHz and 540 at 160MHz. The MCUs offer robust, reliable machine-to machine communication over high-speed communication interfaces, including CAN-FD and IEEE 1588 Ethernet. They also provide hardware-based encryption accelerators.


  • 16kbyte Flash accelerator allows zero-wait-state execution
  • 72MHz Flash access speed
  • Descriptor system transfer controller supports data transfers between peripherals and memory over up to 1,024 channels
  • Two independent Flash banks
  • 5V I/Os for high noise immunity


  • Motor-control systems
  • Industrial equipment
  • Home appliances


The FM4-176L-S6E2GM MCU Pioneer Kit with Ethernet, USB and audio enables the rapid development of high-performance embedded systems. Developers may use the Arduino™ Uno-compatible interface to connect Arduino shields for low-cost hardware expansion.

Orderable Part Number: FM4-176L-S6E2GM