Intersil – ISL26132 and ISL26134 24-bit delta-sigma ADCs feature low-noise output


Low Noise, Fully Integrated 24-bit ADCs


The ISL26132 and ISL26134 from Intersil are complete analogue front-ends for high-resolution measurement applications.

These 24-bit delta-sigma ADCs include a very low-noise amplifier and are available with either two (ISL26132) or four (ISL26134) differential multiplexer inputs. The devices offer the same pin-out as the ADS1232 and ADS1234 devices and are functionally compatible with these devices, while offering better noise performance at 10samples/s and 80samples/s conversion rates.

  • Up to 21.6 noise-free bits
  • 10.6nV noise at 10samples/s, 128x gain
  • 0.0002% linearity error