NXP Semiconductors – 74LVC2G3157 dual analogue switch has very low on-resistance

NXP Semiconductors’ 74LVC2G3157 is a dual single-pole, double-throw analogue switch which is suitable for use as an analogue or digital 2:1 multiplexer/demultiplexer.

Each switch has a digital select input, two independent inputs/outputs and a common input/output. The device’s switch-current capability is 32mA, and it performs break-before-make switching

The 74LVC2G3157 is notable for its very low on-resistance. On-resistance is rated at 10.4Ω at a supply voltage of 2.7V; 7.8Ω at 3.3V; and 6.2Ω at 5V.

Schmitt trigger action at the select inputs makes the circuit tolerant of slower input rise and fall times across the entire supply-voltage range from 1.65V to 5.5V.

The 74LVC2G3157 benefits from ESD protection of at least 2kV on the human body model. It also withstands contact discharges of at least 1kV.


  • High noise immunity
  • Low power consumption
  • TTL interface compatibility at 3.3V
  • -50mA minimum input clamping
  • ±50mA maximum switch clamping


  • Computing, servers
  • Telecom and networking equipment
  • Advanced bus interface
  • Industrial
  • Automotive