NXP Semiconductors – Integrated RF JN5168 MCU runs multiple wireless networking stacks


Wireless Interface

Designers implementing wireless networks running the JenNet-IP, ZigBee® Smart Energy, ZigBee Light Link, RF4CE or IEEE 802.15.4 stacks may use the JN5168 microcontroller from NXP Semiconductors to reduce component count and simplify their board design.

Featuring a 32-bit RISC processor core and 256kbytes of Flash memory, the JN5168 also includes a 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4-compliant transceiver and a comprehensive mix of analogue and digital peripherals. It offers a low operating current of 15mA, falling to just 0.6μA in sleep timer mode.

A good link budget is provided by the device’s Transmit power of 2.5dBm and -95dBm receiver sensitivity.

  • I2C and serial peripheral interfaces
  • Four channel ADC
  • Temperature sensor