NXP Semiconductors – LPC43S MCUs with encryption capability offer secure communication and code protection


NXP Semiconductors’ LPC43S MCUs bring the benefit of enhanced data and application security to connected devices. They help embedded developers to secure application code and data messages against threats such as theft and cloning.

The LPC43S MCUs, based on NXP’s existing LPC4300 family, add support for secure boot and secure messaging to the list of control, high-speed connectivity, display and timing functions, as well as the flexible peripheral features, for which the LPC4300 MCUs are known.

The LPC43S MCUs are well suited to any connected application, particularly hubs and gateways, which must relay and/or bridge large volumes of high-speed data. These functions are common in products such as smart-meter communications hubs, factory-, building- and home-automation devices, streaming audio products and automotive aftermarket products.

The LPC43S parts incorporate an AES-128 encryption engine for fast, secure bulk-message transfers. They also offer:

  • two 128-bit non-volatile OTP memories for encrypted, hardware-randomised key storage to prevent cloning
  • a true random number generator for unique key creation
  • boot ROM drivers supporting secure boot of authenticated encrypted firmware images
  • code-read protection to prevent unauthorised access to internal Flash memory

The LPC43S devices have an ARM® Cortex®-M4F core with an ARM Cortex-M0 coprocessor, providing ample bandwidth for fast bulk data encryption or decryption without slowing down the flow of traffic.

The MCUs may also be paired with an NXP A-series secure element for a turnkey solution which provides for tamper detection, secure authentication with hardware-accelerated RSA and ECC keys, and secure certificate storage.


  • 1Mbyte Flash memory with Flash accelerator
  • 16kbyte EEPROM
  • 136kbyte SRAM
  • Quad SPI Flash interface
  • 10/100T Ethernet MAC with support for IEEE 1588 advanced time stamping
  • Hi-Speed USB2.0 host/device interface with DMA support
  • Full-Speed USB PHY
  • Up to two CAN 2.0B controllers
  • 10-bit DAC operating at 400ksamples/s
  • Two 10-bit ADCs operating at 400ksamples/s


  • Secure industrial gateways
  • Automotive aftermarket
  • Smart meters
  • Industrial controls
  • Industrial automation
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • White goods
  • Data collectors
  • Electronic instruments

Orderable Part Number: OM13073