ON Semiconductor – Efficient new KNX transceivers boost power available for external loads (NCN5110, NCN5121 and NCN5130)



ON Semiconductor has introduced three new certified KNX twisted-pair transceivers. The new transceivers offer increased regulator current and boost overall efficiency by as much as 20% compared to existing solutions.

The NCN5110, NCN5121 and NCN5130 integrate two high-efficiency DC-DC converters and a 20V low drop-out regulator for powering external loads from the bus.

The NCN5121 and NCN5130 implement the complete KNX physical (PHY) and Media-Access (MAC) layers; the NCN5110 is an analogue-only bit transceiver to be used in combination with a microcontroller hosting the KNX MAC.

  • KNX communication speed of 9,600baud
  • Supervision of KNX bus voltage
  • Operate with industry-standard 16MHz quartz crystal

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