ROHM Semiconductor – Rugged 16-bit ML620Q13x MCUs optimised for rechargeable NiMH battery-powered applications


ML620Q13x: minimum operating voltage of 1.6V

LAPIS Semiconductor, a division of the ROHM Group, has introduced the 16-bit ML620Q13x family of rugged and low-power MCUs, which offer specifications ideal for use in compact industrial equipment running on battery power and operating in noisy environments.

LAPIS has reduced the minimum operating voltage of the new MCUs to 1.6V, a multiple of the 0.8V minimum operating voltage of standard Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery cells. This means that a NiMH battery power supply to an ML620Q13 MCU can be deeply discharged before requiring recharging, thus reducing the number of charge cycles and avoiding memory effects while prolonging battery life.

In the new MCUs, LAPIS provides a proprietary RISC processor core operating at 16MHz and a 32MHz peripheral clock, doubling processor throughput compared to ROHM’s existing line-up of rugged MCUs, while operating current is reduced by more than 25%. Immunity to ESD strikes is another notable feature: the ML620Q13x withstands ±30kV contact discharges when tested in accordance with the IEC 61000-4-2 standard, and air discharges up to ±15kV.

The new devices are offered alongside the existing ML620Q15x series which features on-chip Flash memory of up to 64kbytes.


  • Up to 24kbytes of on-chip Flash memory
  • Synchronous serial port
  • UART and I2C interfaces
  • 10-bit ADC with six or eight channels
  • Two-channel comparator
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to 105°C


  • Sensor modules
  • Battery charging control
  • Compact electrical tools
  • Portable devices
  • Industrial equipment