Intersil – Power dense, easy to use, fully integrated DC to DC point-of-load solutions for all your low voltage applications

Intersil power modules are simple to design, and offer the smallest footprint for a given output current.

  • Pin-compatible 3A ISL8202M and 5A ISL8205M single channel power modules offer a 2.6V to 5.5V input voltage range, 0.6V to 5.2V output range with 1.6% accuracy over line/load/temperature, and up to 95% efficiency. The selectable light load efficiency and 100% duty cycle LDO support Energy Star compliance and extend battery life
  • Offered in an ultra-compact 6.5 mm x 9 mm package, the high efficiency fully integrated ISL8203M can be configured as a dual channel 3A or a single channel 6A power module. Supporting parallel operations for 12A+ output currents, the ISL8203M is so flexible that it reduces your design time for virtually all your low power point of load designs.

With complete fault protection for long-term reliability, fast transient response, adjustable soft start and more, we’ve got your power supply needs covered.

Output current33.75mm2
1.85mm height
1.85mm height
12A+ISL8203M x 2+