NXP Semiconductors – 500mA DC-DC converter provides 5.0V output for NFC radios

The PCA9410 and PCA9410A from NXP Semiconductors are highly efficient 500mA boost DC-DC converters. They convert input voltages of 2.5V to 5.25V to a fixed output voltage of 5.0V.

These devices are intended for use in battery-powered NFC applications: the NFC radio’s performance is better when the analogue circuit can draw on a 5.0V supply.

The high efficiency of up to 94% offered by the PCA9410 and PCA9410A helps users to extend battery run-time by minimising power losses. Operating at a switching frequency of 3MHz, the converters can use a small inductor rated at 1μH or less.

  • ±3% output-voltage accuracy over full current, voltage and temperature range
  • Soft-start function limits in-rush current with true load disconnect
  • Over-current and over-temperature protections