NXP Semiconductors – ESD protection diode optimised for NFC systems

PESD18VF1BSF: ±10kV ESD protection

PESD18VF1BSF: ±10kV ESD protection

The PESD18VF1BSF from NXP Semiconductors is an ultra-low capacitance, bi-directional ESD protection diode which safeguards devices containing an NFC interface from damage caused by ESD strikes and other transient voltage events.

Some NFC designs integrate the antenna into the host product’s battery or battery cover, which provides an entry point for ESD strikes which could damage the NFC controller IC. Housed in a DSN0603-2 (SOD962-2) leadless surface-mount package, the PESD18VF1BSF protects one signal line from the risk of such damage.

Its low capacitance of 0.28pF helps to make it easy to design the NFC antenna-matching circuit.


  • 18V reverse stand-off voltage
  • Up to ±10kV ESD protection according to IEC 61000-4-2