NXP Semiconductors – Ready-made touch-sensing software runs on LPC82x MCUs

NXP Semiconductors’ LPC82x Touch Solution is a royalty-free capacitive touch-sensing solution in software which is designed to run on NXP’s LPC82x family of microcontrollers. It uses the MCU’s GPIO functionality and an analogue comparator input to implement a touch-sensing circuit.

The microcontroller’s GPIOs are used to emulate a switched-capacitor integrator circuit which senses the relative change in the capacitance of a touch-sensing element when touched by a finger. The external circuitry consists of just one capacitor, and a sensor layout interfaced to the microcontroller.

A touch-sensing library provided by NXP can be used to implement any user interface which requires touch-sensing buttons, a slider or wheel, or more complex two-dimensional touch inputs. Designers may evaluate the touch-sensing software and the LPC824 MCU on the OM13071 development kit.


  • LPCXpresso824-MAX development board
  • LPC824 capacitive touch-sensor shield with LCD display
  • GUI for visualising and analysing the touch data


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