ON Semiconductor – Compact intelligent power modules support motor drives rated for up to 1.1kW

STK5 modules from ON Semiconductor: fully integrated inverter power stage

STK5 modules from ON Semiconductor: fully integrated inverter power stage

ON Semiconductor’s new compact IPM family of integrated power modules is aimed at 230V AC motor-drive applications in the power range of 200W to 1.1kW.

These modules are smaller, have lower losses and have lower thermal resistance than other comparable modules. Designers using these modules can therefore build a more compact, reliable and efficient solution featuring a simple thermal design.

The modules contain a fully-integrated inverter power stage consisting of a high-voltage driver, six IGBTs and a thermistor, suitable for driving permanent magnet synchronous motors, brushless DC motors and AC asynchronous motors. The IGBTs are configured in a three-phase bridge with separate emitter connections for the lower legs for maximum flexibility in the choice of control algorithm.

The power stage has a full range of protection functions including cross-conduction protection, external shut-down and under-voltage lock-out functions. An internal comparator and reference connected to the over-current protection circuit allows the designer to set the over-current protection level.

The modules’ IGBTs are optimised for operation at the switching frequencies typically used in 200W-1.1kW motor drives, and for this load range.

ProductMaximum Collector-emitter VoltageRated Output CurrentMaximum Output CurrentSubstrate
STK5C4U332J-E 600V 3A 6A IMS
STK5Q4U340J-E 600V 5A 10A DBC
STK5Q4U352J-E 600V 8A 16A DBC
STK5Q4U362J-E 600V 10A 20A DBC
STK5Q4U395J-E 600V 15A 30A DBC

IMS = Insulated Metal Substrate. DBC = Direct Bonded Copper.


  • Industrial pumps
  • Industrial fans
  • Industrial automation
  • Home appliances


  • 29.6mm × 18.2mm dual-in-line package
  • Cross-conduction protection
  • Integrated bootstrap diodes and resistors
  • Enable pin
  • Thermistor
  • UL1557 recognition