STMicroelectronics – Automotive power regulator handles wide inputand output-voltage ranges


A7985A: up to 2A output

STMicroelectronics’ A7985A is a step-down switching regulator for automotive applications which operates across a very wide span of input and output voltages.

The input voltage can range between 4.5V and 38V. The A7985A can convert the input to an output voltage as low 0.6V and as high as the input voltage. Incorporating a power MOSFET with a current limit of at least 2.5A, the A7985A is able to supply up to 2A current to the load, depending on the application conditions.

The device includes an internal 250kHz oscillator which can be externally adjusted to a frequency up to 1MHz.

The high level of integration in the regulator means that a complete power-conversion circuit may be implemented with only a small number of external components. Thermal performance is another advantage of the A7985A, which is housed in an HSOP8 package with exposed pad. This package’s excellent heat dissipation results in a low thermal resistance rating from the junction to ambient air of 40°C/W.



  • Automotive systems
  • LED drivers in vehicles


  • Complies with requirements of AEC-Q100 standards
  • Internal soft-start and enable
  • Voltage feed-forward
  • Zero load-current operation
  • Over-current protection
  • Thermal shut-down protection