STMicroelectronics – Bluetooth Smart module includes radio, antenna and protocol stack

STMicroelectronics’ SPBTLE-RF B-SmarT is an easy-to-use Bluetooth® Smart network processor module which can act at the same time as a Bluetooth Smart sensor and hub device.

The entire Bluetooth Smart stack and protocols are embedded into the module. Connection to an external host application processor is made through a serial peripheral interface.

The SPBTLE-RF module provides a complete RF platform in a tiny form factor. It integrates a radio, antenna, and high frequency and low-power oscillators to offer a certified implementation of the Bluetooth 4.1 standard. This application-ready module helps OEMs get to market quickly with new Bluetooth Smart products.

Developers may evaluate the SPBTLE-RF with the X-NUCLEO-IDB05A1, an expansion board for STM32 Nucleo boards.

  • +4dBm Transmit power
  • -88dBm receiver sensitivity
  • AES security co-processor


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