TE Connectivity – Bi-stable PCB relay has a high 60A switching capability


EW60 power relay: single- and dual-coil versions

TE Connectivity™ (TE) has introduced the EW60 PCB relay, a latching bi-stable power relay capable of switching up to 60A.

The EW60 PCB relay is designed to support the demand for higher switching capability in intelligent buildings applications. Its 60A current rating is sufficient to enable the relay to disconnect an entire floor of a building.

The bi-stable magnetic system in the EW60 provides for low energy losses and little self-heating. The device features insulation creepage of more than 8mm, and insulation clearance of 5-8mm.

Single-coil and two-coil versions are available. The single-coil EW60-1A3-BL12D04 has a DC coil power rating of 1.5W. The two-coil EW60-1A3-CL12D04 has a DC coil power rating of 3W.


  • Lighting controls
  • Bus system actuators
  • Power distribution
  • Circuit protection systems
  • Power inverters


  • Maximum DC coil voltage: 12V DC
  • Maximum AC coil voltage: 277V AC
  • 1 Form A normally-open contact arrangement