Vicor – 48V to Point of Load; Easy, Efficient and Scalable

Vicor ZVS Buck Regulators

Example Power Chain Using Power Component Design Methodology

Example Power Chain Using Power Component Design Methodology

Wide Operating Range

  • 12VIN optimized (8V to 18V) and wide VIN (8V to 36V)
  • 48VIN nominal (36V to 60V)
  • Wide VOUT (1 to 16V)
  • -40C to +125C operating range

Simple to Use; Fast Development Time

  • Internal compensation; few external components
  • No additional design or additional settings required

High Efficiency

  • >96% peak 48VIN to 12VOUT
  • >96% peak 24VIN to 12VOUT
  • >95% peak 12VIN to 5VOUT
  • Light load and full load high efficiency performance

Flexible and Rich Feature Set

  • Paralleling and single wire current sharing
  • Frequency Synchronization
  • User adjustable soft start and tracking
  • Power-up into pre-biased load
  • Optional I2C functionality and programmability:
    • VOUT margining
    • Fault reporting
    • Enable and SYN CI pin polarity
    • Phase delay (for interleaving multiple regulators)
ZVS Buck Regulator Family

ZVS Buck Regulator Family

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