Vicor – Power-system design tool configures modular solutions from source to PoL

Vicor: online design tool works with simple user inputs

Vicor: online design tool works with simple user inputs

Vicor Corporation has introduced the new Power System Designer online design tool, giving system developers unprecedented flexibility to create and optimise end-to-end power systems which use Vicor’s Power Component Design Methodology and high-performance power components.

Complex and compact electronic products and systems have driven demand for ever smaller, more efficient and more cost-effective power systems. In attempting to come up with the best power-system solution, designers have been forced to analyse a great range of topologies, architectures and products. Each alternative design approach requires performance calculations, datasheet searches, manual simulations, thermal projections, layout and packaging studies, Bill-of-Material (BOM) generation and cost analysis.

To address this challenge, Vicor created the Power System Designer online design tool, which simplifies and accelerates the creation of compact, multi-output, modular power systems all the way from the input source, either AC or DC, to system loads.

Engineers simply specify their AC or DC input source and operating range, and their required output voltages and respective power or current, regulation and isolation specifications, and the tool automatically generates and identifies the best alternative solutions. Each solution is characterised by figures of merit including:

  • highest operating efficiency
  • lowest component count
  • lowest cost
  • smallest footprint
  • recommended best fit

The solutions can be viewed, analysed and optimised using Vicor’s fully editable Whiteboard tool, enabling designers to meet the exacting performance requirements of their target application. For any selected design, the Power System Designer tool can also display a visual representation of the mechanical layout of the system and generate a complete BoM.


  • PFM™ isolated AC-DC converter with power factor correction
  • AIM™ AC input front-end module
  • ZVS isolated DC-DC converter
  • DCM™ DC-DC converter module
  • BCM™ bus converter module
  • IBC intermediate bus converter
  • VTM™ current multiplier
  • PRM™ buck-boost regulator
  • ZVS buck regulator
  • ZVS buck-boost regulator
  • NBM non-isolated fixed-ratio converter module