Vishay – Photovoltaic MOSFET driver includes integrated turn-off capability

Vishay Intertechnology’s VOM1271 is an isolated photovoltaic MOSFET driver housed in a compact SOP-4 surface-mount package.

It features integrated turn-off circuitry, which eliminates the need for external turn-off components and a secondary-side power supply. This greatly reduces implementation cost and the PCB area required for a power-switching circuit, while increasing system reliability and performance.

Traditionally, designers have been limited to the use of low-power off-the-shelf solid-state relays or bulky and expensive high-voltage modules as alternatives to electro-mechanical relays in applications such as high-side MOSFET drivers and isolated solenoid drivers. The VOM1271 allows them to be replaced with more reliable MOSFET-based solutions without requiring a complex circuit design.

The driver features an open-circuit voltage up to 8.9V, and a short-circuit current up to 47μA at a forward current of 30mA. This high open-circuit voltage allows designers to choose from a wide range of MOSFETs. The high short-circuit current decreases the time required to charge the MOSFET’s gate. This combination of high open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current boosts the life, reliability, and switching speed of end-products.

The VOM1271’s optical coupling provides a high isolation voltage of 4,500Vrms. The isolation provided by the device fulfils the safety requirements mandated by international safety agencies, in addition to delivering an effective barrier to noise between sensitive control circuitry and output loads.


  • Custom solid-state relays
  • Industrial equipment
  • Automatic test equipment


  • Logic-compatible input
  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 100°C
  • 53μs turn-on time
  • 24μs turn-off time