Cypress Semiconductor – High-performance parallel processing supports designs with multiple sensor inputs

Cypress Semiconductor’s PSoC® 5LP programmable system- on-chip combines a 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M3 processor core with a hardware co-processor, CPLD-based digital fabric, high- precision programmable analogue blocks and a peripheral-to- peripheral DMA controller.

Small and low-power, the PSoC 5LP chip offers very high parallel processing performance. In a product such as a heart monitor, it is able to process signals from multiple sensors with its independent co-processor, which features a 24-bit hardware digital filter, while offloading to the 24 independent CPLD-based universal digital blocks tasks which would all be funnelled through the processor core in a conventional microcontroller.

The PSoC 5LP also provides custom 20-bit analogue front-ends and the proven CapSense® touch-sensing technology.

• Delta-sigma ADC
• Two 12-bit SAR ADCs
• Four 8-bit DACs
• 1.024V voltage reference

Orderable Part Number: CY8CKIT-059