Diodes Incorporated – Compact Class-D amplifier for portable devices


The PAM8304 from Diodes Incorporated is a mono filterless Class-D amplifier offering a high signal-to-noise ratio up to 95dB and a differential input which helps to eliminate noise. It is capable of driving speaker loads as low as 3Ω from a 5V supply.

Achieving high efficiency up to 90% and occupying a small 3mm x 3mm footprint, the PAM8304 is ideal for portable applications. Because the output uses a filterless architecture, it requires only a small number of external components, while providing a high-performance, simple and low-cost system.

Supporting a supply-voltage range of 2.8V to 6V, the PAM8304 may be used in battery-powered systems with as many as four cells.

• Short-circuit protection
• Thermal shut-down protection
• Under-voltage lock-out