NXP Semiconductor – Complete SoC provides for easy implementation of Bluetooth Smart functions


The QN9020 from NXP Semiconductors is a flexible and easy-to-use System- on-Chip (SoC) solution for integrating Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) functionality into a host device.

The low-power Bluetooth Low Energy technology is used in devices branded as Bluetooth Smart, in applications which call for periodic transmissions of snippets of data, such as wireless sensors. The QN9020 is suitable for use in wearable devices, and can run on a low-capacity battery such as a coin cell.

The SoC includes a Bluetooth LE radio and controller, protocol stack and profile software, and can operate in both master and slave modes. It also has a microcontroller with an ARM® Cortex®-M0 core and 64kbytes of on- chip memory, giving designers the resources to implement some applications on just this chip. Designers can also use the QN9020 as a network processor by connecting it to a separate application processor.

Additional system features include a fully integrated DC-DC converter and LDO regulator, a low-power sleep timer, a battery monitor, a general-purpose 4-channel, 10-bit ADC and 31 GPIOs.


  • Up to -95dBm Receiver sensitivity
  • Transmit output power from -20dBm to +4dBm
  • 3μA sleep mode current with 32kHz oscillator running
  • 9.25mA Receive current with DC-DC converter running
  • Two general-purpose analogue comparators
  • Four general-purpose timers
  • 2-channel programmable PWM
  • AES-128 security co-processor


  • Sports and fitness equipment
  • Healthcare and medical devices
  • Remote controls
  • Smartphone accessories
  • PC peripherals
  • Wireless sensor networks

The QN9020DK board features buttons, a piezo buzzer, and an LED providing an easy way to reset the chip and to indicate its status. The DK board also provides a USB interface.

Orderable Part Number: QN9020DK