NXP Semiconductors – 25V MOSFETs offer high efficiency and low leakage currents


NXP Semiconductors’ PSMN0R7-25YLD is a 25V N-channel logic-level MOSFET which benefits from NXP’s NextPowerS3 Technology.

The NextPowerS3 portfolio uses NXP’s SchottkyPlus technology to provide the high efficiency and low spiking performance usually associated with MOSFETS that have an integrated Schottky or Schottky-like diode, but without the problematic high leakage current associated with Schottky diodes.

This makes NextPowerS3 devices particularly well suited to applications requiring high efficiency at high switching frequencies.

In the case of the PSMN0R7-25YLD, leakage current is <1μA at 25°C. It has a maximum drain current rating of 300A, and a maximum on-resistance rating of 0.72mΩ at a drain current of 25A and a gate-source voltage of 10V.

The PSMN2R0-25MLD is another member of the NextPowerS3 family. This 25V N-channel logic-level MOSFET has a maximum on-resistance rating of 2.27mΩ at 25A and 10V. It supports extremely fast switching.


  • 100% avalanche-tested at 190A
  • Very low gate charge
  • Fast switching with soft recovery
  • Low spiking and ringing for low EMI
  • Low parasitic inductance and resistance


  • DC-DC converters in servers and telecoms equipment
  • Secondary-side synchronous rectification
  • Voltage regulator modules
  • Point-of-load modules
  • Brushed and brushless motor-control systems
  • Power ORing