STMicroelectronics – New generation ST op amps give designers peace of mind


The best choice for longevity, robustness and performance

ST has developed several new op amp series to meet the needs of the most demanding markets and applications.

µOur board op amp offer features:

  • 10 years longevity commitment
  • Automotive-grade devices
  • Radiation-hardened devices
  • Operating temperatures up to +150°C
  • Nanopower consumption (<µA)
  • High precision (<10µV)

ST op amps are the perfect companion chips for microcontrollers and analog sensors delivering performance and accuracy in every application.

Op amp seriesDescription
TSBLow-power 36 V BiCMOS op amps
TSUNanopower 5 V CMOS op amps
TSVLow-voltage op amp
TSXMicropower 16 V CMOS op amps
TSZZero-drift micropower 5 V op amps