STMicroelectronics – Rugged new 36V op amps offer high stability and efficiency

STMicroelectronics has introduced two 36V operating amplifiers which set new standards for performance and ruggedness in automotive and industrial applications.

The TSB572 dual op amp and TSB611 single op amp feature a wide supply-voltage range, are stable even in challenging operating conditions, and tolerate ESD strikes up to 4kV, as tested according to the human body model.

The op amps are the first devices produced using ST’s new 40V-ready BiCMOS semiconductor process. This technology provides superior efficiency in terms of the ratio of Gain Bandwidth to supply current (GBW/Icc).

In the TSB572 and TSB611, this means that the supply current is around five times lower for a given level of performance than in a standard op amp.

In addition, low input-offset voltages and temperature drift of less than 6μV/°C simplify system design, eliminate any need for trimming or calibration, and ensure consistent performance over the specified temperature range of -40°C to 125°C.

Featuring rail-to-rail inputs and output, the TSB572 offers a 2.5MHz GBW and 1.5mV maximum input-offset voltage. It is stable with capacitive loads, and highly resistant to phase reversal.

The TSB611 has a 560kHz GBW and can operate from a supply voltage as low as 2.7V. It is a unity-gain-stable device, and has extremely low input- offset voltage of 1mV. Operating current is just 125μA maximum at 36V.


  • 380μA operating current
  • Supply-voltage range: 4V to 36V
  • 30nA maximum input bias current
  • 5dB gain margin
  • 0.001% total harmonic distortion and noise at 1kHz


  • Active filtering
  • Audio systems
  • Automotive equipment
  • Power supplies
  • Industrial equipment
  • Low- and high-side current sensing


  • 125μA maximum operating current at 36V
  • Supply-voltage range: 2.7V to 36V
  • 560kHz gain bandwidth product
  • Rail-to-rail output
  • 4kV ESD rating on human body model