TE Connectivity – Pressure, humidity and temperature sensors combined in a single compact package


TE Connectivity (TE) has introduced the MS8607-02BA01, a digital system- in-package which senses pressure, humidity and temperature.

Factory-calibrated and measuring just 5mm x 3mm x 1mm, the MS8607 may be used with any microcontroller that has an I2C interface.

The sensor is notable for its low power consumption and high accuracy. In stand-by mode, the sensor draws just 30nA. The peak supply current during a pressure or temperature conversion is 1.25mA.

TE’s MS8607 contains two sensors based on two different MEMS technologies. The first sensor is a piezo-resistive sensor measuring pressure and temperature.

The second sensor is a capacitive sensor measuring relative humidity. Each sensor is interfaced to a delta-sigma ADC for conversion to a digital value. The MS8607 converts both analogue output voltages to a 24-bit digital value for the pressure and temperature measurements, and a 12-bit digital value for the relative humidity measurement.


  • Operating-voltage range: 1.5V to 3.6V
  • ±2kV ESD rating on the human body model
  • Sensor stability ratings: ±1mbar/year pressure ±0.5% RH/year humidity ±0.3°C/year temperature


  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
  • Weather stations
  • Printers
  • Home appliances
  • Humidifiers
Pressure (mbar)Relative Humidity (%RH)Temperature
Operating Range10 to 2,0000 to 10-40°C to 85°C
Absolute Accuracy at 25°C±2 (between 300mbar and 1,100mbar)±3 (between 20% and 80%RH)±1
Resolution (maximum)0.0160.040.01