TE Connectivity – Two-piece connectors in standard industrial formats


TE Connectivity’s (TE) Eurocard two-piece connectors include board-to-board, wire-to-board, ribbon cable-to-board and high-current connectors which all offer a high-quality design and provide for excellent Signal Integrity (SI) and electrical performance.

Because the Eurocard range offers a broad portfolio of product configurations, users can find a part to suit almost any standard industrial connection format. The Eurocard connector family includes models suitable for use in the following buses:
• STE Bus
• VME 64X
• VMEbus
• VXI Bus

TE’s Eurocard connectors also satisfy the requirements of two universal standards:
• DIN 41612 applies to two-part connectors for PCBs
• IEC 60603-2 applies to connectors for
frequencies below 3MHz

DIN-compliant devices are available in standard DIN sizes, and also in half, one-third and expanded sizes. The Eurocard connectors also support various solder post lengths, as well as ACTION PIN and eye-of-needle contact tails.


  • Gold-plated terminations
  • Flame-retardant materials
  • Polarised housings
  • Selective contact loading available


  • High-speed trains
  • Distributed industrial-control systems
  • Power automation
  • Data servers and storage systems
  • Routers