The Internet of Things / Connectivity and Sensing


Some featured articles from July’s issue:

How far has new technology allowed the MOSFET to encroach on the IGBT’s territory?
By: Future Electronics
The two dominant types of power transistor, the MOSFET and the IGBT, are so familiar and have been used in power-system designs for so many years that it is easy to assume that the differences between them remain unchanged from one year to the next.

3D Magnetic Sensor for Consumer and Industrial Markets
By: Infineon
With an opportunity to detect the magnetic field in x-, y-, and z-direction the sensor is ideally suited for the measurement of 3D movements, linear movements and rotation movements.

TE Connectivity’s Sensor Family
By: TE Connectivity
These digital position sensors feature a system on-chip technology that combines a magneto resistive element along with analog to digital converter and signal processing in a standard small package.