Adesto – Fast, low-power alternative to standard EEPROM

Adesto’s RM25C256C-L is a 256kbit serial memory device which benefits from the company’s fast, low-power resistive technology.

Adesto’s Conductive Bridging Random Access Memory (CBRAM®) is an innovative non-volatile memory technology which consumes markedly less energy than other popular non-volatile memory technologies, without sacrificing performance or reliability.

The RM25C256C-L operates from a single supply ranging between 1.65V and 3.6V. All the RM25C series parts are accessed through a four-wire serial peripheral interface. The maximum clock frequency in normal Read mode is 1.6MHz. In Fast-read mode, this frequency rises to 10MHz.

From 1byte to 64bytes may be written to the device at a time. The Erase function may be performed on 64byte pages or on the whole chip.

• EEPROM-compatible non-volatile serial memory
• 0.25mA active Read current
• 1mA active Write current
• 2.2μA power-down current
• Endurance: 10,000 Write cycles, unlimited Read cycles