Cavium – Network processors provide multiple high-speed interfaces suitable for access-point designs

Cavium’s OCTEON® III family of multi- core MIPS64 processors provide high performance and a high level of integration to fulfil the requirements of applications in networking and storage equipment, such as wireless local-area network access points.

The CN70xx and CN71xx processors are also suitable for entry-level enterprise platforms for products such as service provider gateways, switches, routers, security appliances, Network-Attached Storage (NAS), mainstream control-plane devices and network-attached printers.

The software- and pin-compatible CN70xx/CN71xx devices have one, two, three or four processor cores and offer a rich set of I/Os including PCIe Gen2, nine Gigabit Ethernet controllers, a 10Gigabit Ethernet interface, and USB3.0 and SATA 3.0 capabilities, along with Cavium’s most advanced fourth-generation application hardware acceleration.

Software support provided by Cavium includes:
• commercial-grade Linux
• complete GNU tool chain
• Performance analysis and profiling tools
• Optimised C libraries for security and deep packet inspection
• Integrated application development kits for access point, gateway and router applications
• Production-grade software toolkits for TCP/IP, IPSec and SSL
• OpenWRT for gateway and router applications


  • Up to four cores operating at 1.6GHz per core, with large 78kbytes/32kbytes L1 cache and shared 512kbytes L2 cache
  • Integrated acceleration for networking, quality of service, RAID and multi-core scaling
  • Floating point unit for each core
  • Hardware virtualisation
  • DDR3/DDR4 memory operating at up to 1,333MHz

The Cavium CN71XX Wireless Security Router/Business Gateway board is a complete production-ready solution based on the OCTEON III CN7130 low-power multi-core processor.

Orderable Part Number: CN7000-REF-ROUT-BOARD