Diodes Incorporated – Buck converters provide excellent transient response and high output accuracy


The AP65355 and AP65455 synchronous buck converters from Diodes Incorporated provide low- voltage regulation with high efficiency, excellent transient response and high DC output accuracy at continuous output currents of 3A and 4A.

The converters implement an adaptive on-time control scheme which supports a seamless transition between continuous- conduction mode under high load conditions and discontinuous-conduction mode for lighter loads ensuring maximum efficiency at all times.

The devices are suitable for a wide range of point- of-load applications as they work with input voltages ranging from 4.5V to 18V and supply output voltages from -0.76V to 6V. A low quiescent supply current and integrated high- and low-side switches with low on-resistance help to reduce power losses.

Under-voltage lockout over-current and over-temperature protection functions help to prevent damage to downstream components and premature component failure. The device’s Enable pin also has a high voltage tolerance up to the input voltage.


  • Good stability independent of the output capacitor’s equivalent series resistance
  • 650kHz switching frequency
  • Pre-biased start-up
  • Programmable soft-start
  • Open drain Power Good output


  • Games consoles
  • TVs
  • Set-top boxes
  • Home audio equipment
  • Computer monitors
  • Networking equipment