Diodes Incorporated – Launch of industry’s first 10Gbits/s USB3.1 linear driver

The PI3EQX1002B from Pericom Semiconductor, a division of Diodes Inc., is a low-power, single-port USB 3.1 Linear ReDriverTM driver IC which supports a high data rate of 10Gbits/s.

The device provides programmable equalisation linear swing and flat gain to optimise performance over a variety of physical mediums by reducing inter-symbol interference and hence improving signal integrity.

The PI3EQX1002B supports two differential Current-Mode Logic (CML) data I/Os enabling a cable connection between a host ASIC and a switch fabric. It may also be used to extend the range of USB signals over other distant data pathways on the user’s platform.

Each channel operates fully independently. The channels’ input signal level determines whether the output is active.

The PI3EQX1002B also includes an automatic Receiver Detect function. The receiver detection loop will be active if the corresponding channel’s signal detector is idle for longer than 7.3ms. The channel will then move to Unplug mode if a load is not detected or it will return to a low-power mode when inactive.

This device also removes and cleans jitter and conditions the signal.


  • Fully compliant with USB3.1 Super Speed standard
  • Adjustable receiver equalisation
  • Adjustable output linear swing
  • Adjustable flat gain
  • Single 3.3V supply


  • Any system handling USB3.1 signals