Littelfuse – SiC Schottky barrier rectifier outperforms conventional switching diodes

Littelfuse has introduced the LFUSCD series of Silicon Carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes, which offers high efficiency, reliability and thermal performance in power-switching applications.

When compared to standard silicon bipolar power diodes, the LFUSCD series diodes produce lower switching losses, accommodate larger surge currents without thermal runaway, and operate at higher junction temperatures. These features enable power-system designs to benefit from substantial increases in system efficiency and robustness.

The Merged p-n Schottky (MPS) architecture of the LFUSCD devices provides for excellent surge capability and low leakage current. The diodes, which are available in voltage ratings of 650V and 1,200V at current ratings ranging from 4A to 30A, are particularly well suited to applications in industrial power supplies, solar inverters, industrial drives, welding and plasma cutting, and electric- vehicle charging stations.

The new SiC Schottky diodes from Littelfuse offer the best-in-class capacitive stored charge and near-zero reverse recovery, making them suitable for high-frequency power switching, as they produce negligible switching losses and reduce stress on the opposing switch.

Their best-in-class forward voltage drop also helps to keep conduction losses to a minimum for high system efficiency. In addition, the diodes’ maximum junction temperature of 175°C provides for relaxed thermal-management requirements.


  • 1.5V forward voltage
  • Positive temperature coefficient for safe operation and ease of paralleling
  • Enhanced surge capability
  • Extremely fast, temperature-independent switching behaviour


  • Power factor correction
  • Buck or boost stages in DC-DC converters
  • Free-wheeling diodes in inverters
  • High-frequency output rectification