Microsemi – Clock generator replaces multiple oscillators with a single chip

The ClockCenter ZL30236 from Microsemi, a dual-channel universal clock generator, may be used to replace the multiple external components traditionally used to time processors, memory chips and PHYs with a fully integrated single-chip solution. This helps lower bill-of-materials costs, reduces board space requirements, simplifies designs and improves reliability.

The ZL30236 integrates two independent synthesisers and generates up to 12 high-performance clocks. The provision of independent synthesisers enables the generation of frequencies which are completely unrelated to one another.

Eight low-jitter differential LVPECL clocks can be programmed to any frequency from 1kHz to 720MHz, and four high-performance LVCMOS clocks can be programmed to any frequency from 1kHz to 160MHz.

• Operates from a single crystal resonator, clock oscillator or voltage-controlled oscillator
• • Supports programmable frequency offsets for clock margining