Microsemi – Dual-channel ADSL2+ line driver features low power dissipation

Microsemi’s Le87251 is a dual-channel differential amplifier designed to drive full-rate ADSL2+ signals with very low power dissipation. It offers a peak output drive capability of 450mA.

The Le87251 contains two pairs of wide-band amplifiers, fabricated with Microsemi’s HV30 bipolar SOI process for low power consumption in DSL systems. The amplifiers have an internal fixed voltage gain of 13, which helps to eliminate the need for external feedback and gain-setting resistors.

• Differential output: 44Vp-p into a 100Ω load 40.5Vp-p into a 60Ω load
• 4mA quiescent supply current for each amplifier
• -75dBc total harmonic distortion