Microsemi – Network processor provides high throughput in complex classification applications

Microsemi’s PM2329 is a member of the ClassiPITM family of sophisticated network classification processors capable of supporting Gigabit/OC-48 interfaces.

It is optimised for network environments: network equipment can use the PM2329’s classification and analysis capability to implement wire- speed routing, quality of service, firewall and other functionality, such as network monitoring, which requires packet inspection and classification.

With a peak throughput of up to OC-48 IPv4 packets per second, the PM2329 is an ideal choice for all classification requirements.

The PM2329’s patented architecture minimises the latency incurred in the handling of multiple packet data transfers within the host equipment.

It can be programmed to perform multiple pattern searches sequentially, providing the high throughput required for complex classification applications.

• Key length programmable from 1byte to 192bytes
• Performs forward and reverse content searches
• Software development kit, available separately, accelerates application development