NXP – New sub-1GHz RF transceiver ideal for industrial applications

The new OL2385 from NXP Semiconductors is a fully integrated single-chip RF transceiver intended for use in industrial environments. It supports the most common modulation schemes for networking applications operating in any frequency band between 160MHz and 960MHz.

It offers strong radio performance characterised by high sensitivity very good phase noise and best-in-class image rejection. It supports the following standard modulation schemes: 2FSK 2GFSK 4FSK 4GFSK ASK and OOK.

The device incorporates several commonly used building blocks including a crystal-stabilised oscillator a phase- locked loop for accurate frequency selection a low-noise amplifier an attenuator for automatic gain control and two high-resolution ADCs.

The device includes an embedded RISC microcontroller and memory provision for industry-standard software stacks supplied by NXP such as IEEE802.15.4 the WMBus data link layer and SIGFOX. It also includes a medium-power UHF transmission system with a high dynamic range of -35dBm to 14dBm which makes it ideal for use in narrowband communication systems. It supports data rates up to 400kbits/s.

Power ramping and splatter-avoidance filters are included to ensure that the transmission spectrum fulfils all the requirements of common standards in Europe the US and Asia.

The OL2385 can be interfaced to a host microcontroller via an SPI or UART interface. Sample interface code for Kinetis or LPC microcontrollers and API descriptions for the software stacks are readily available.


  • -126dBm sensitivity at 4kHz
  • Supports WMBus2013 KNX,
    IEEE802.15.4g T108 and
  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 85°C


  • Smart metering
  • Building and home automation
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • M2M communication
  • Low-power wide-area networking