ON Semiconductor – Low-jitter, 4–output, user-configurable clock generator

The NB3H5150 and NB3H5150-01 are high-performance multi- rate user-configurable clock generators which simultaneously synthesise up to four independent frequencies from a single reference input of 25MHz. Outputs can be differential LVPECL or each differential output can also be independently split into two single-ended CMOS outputs.

Each device provides 18 unique combinations of default frequencies and interfaces for each output which are programmable using the 5 tri-state select pins. In addition, the user can further expand frequency and interface selection using standard I2C interface.

Three outputs use integer N output dividers and provide RMS phase jitter

• Operating voltage:
- VDD (Core) = 3.3V +/-5% or 2.5V +/-5%

• Independent power-supply pin for each output bank
- VDD On (Outputs) = 3.3V +/-5% or 2.5V +/-5% or 1.8V +/-5% (LVCMOS Only)

• Generates 4 independent user- programmable clock frequencies from 25MHz to 250MHz
– 18 different pin-selectable frequency/interface combinations
- Custom frequency/interface enabled via I2C/SMBus interface

• Operating temperature range:
– -40°C to 85°C