Redpine – Wireless module offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee combination

The RS9113 n-Link® module from Redpine Signals combines IEEE802.11n Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® v4.0 and ZigBee® capabilities in a single package.

Based on the low-power RS9113 system-on-chip, the RS9113 n-Link integrates all the functions required to implement an embedded wireless system which can connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee networks.

The functions provided in the RS9113 n-Link module include:

  • multi-threaded media access controller
  • baseband digital signal processor
  • analogue front-end
  • crystal oscillator
  • OTP memory for calibration
  • dual-band RF transceiver
  • dual-band power amplifiers
  • baluns
  • diplexers
  • diversity switch
  • Quad-SPI Flash interface

Redpine Signals also supplies a complete software suite and host drivers for operating systems including the Windows®, Linux® and AndroidTM operating environments:

• 802.11n data rate up to 150Mbits/s
• -94dBm Receive sensitivity in Bluetooth receiver
• -100dBm Receive sensitivity in ZigBee receiver
• Innovative co-existence algorithms