ROHM – Serial EEPROM ICs offer superior protection against risk of data corruption

ROHM Semiconductor supplies serial EEPROM memory devices feature a serial peripheral interface and provide particularly strong protection from the risk of data corruption attributable to system faults or device ageing.

The BR25Sxxx-W and BR25Gxxx series of EEPROM parts offer two important protection features: double cell storage and an internal reset function provide safeguards against data corruption caused by power-supply brown-outs or read/write wear-out.

The devices are also notable for their low power consumption. The BR25Sxxx-W parts draw 1.5mA at 5V when writing data and 1.0mA when reading data. Current in stand-by mode is just 0.1μA.

Both the BR25Sxxx-W and the BR25Gxxx series are rated for one million write cycles. In the BR25Sxxx-W, data retention is rated at 40 years. In the BR25Gxxx-W series, this interval is extended to 100 years.

The BR25Sxxx-W devices are available in memory densities of 32kbits, 64kbits, 128kbits and 256kbits. They are available in a variety of package sizes and styles.

The smallest is an 8-terminal package measuring 2.0mm x 3.0mm x 0.6mm.

• Supply-voltage range: 1.7V to 5.5V
• Gold pads or bonding wires for reliable connections
• Write mistake prevention function
• Page write mode useful for writing initial values on shipment from factory
• Part or whole of memory arrays settable as read-only memory
• Up to 20MHz clock speed