STMicroelectronics – New battery-charger chip cuts cost and design time for wearable and portable devices

STMicroelectronics has introduced a new battery-charger chip which integrates all important energy-management functions without compromising performance and power consumption.

The STBC02 IC implements linear charging of single-cell lithium-ion batteries using a constant-current/constant-voltage algorithm and charge termination. It supplies a fast- charge current up to 450mA and a pre-charge current ranging from 1mA to 450mA.

The STBC02 also includes a 150mA LDO regulator two single-pole/double-throw load switches a smart reset/watchdog function and a Protection Circuit Module (PCM) which protects the battery from damage under fault conditions.

By integrating all these functions into a single chip the STBC02 enables OEMs to reduce component count and board footprint and to simplify their designs.

All the STBC02’s functions are simply controlled via the SWIRE protocol which requires only one microcontroller I/O pin.

An integrated power path allows the battery to be charged and the host system to be powered at the same time from an external power supply. An adjustable floating battery voltage allows the use of different lithium-ion chemistries and also enables the user to implement custom charging schemes.


  • 10nA shut-down current extending battery shelf life before shipping
  • Auto Recharge function
  • Charge/fault status output
  • Battery voltage pin to allow external fuel gauging
  • Reset generator triggered by USB detection
  • ±4kV ESD protection on the most critical pins


  • Smart watches and wearable devices
  • Fitness and medical accessories
  • Devices with a rechargeable li-ion battery