Alliance Memory – 512Mbits mobile DDR DRAM operates at 200MHz clock frequency


The AS4C32M16MD1A-5BCN from Alliance Memory is a 1.8V low-power mobile Double Data-Rate (DDR) DRAM memory IC offering 512Mbits of storage capacity. It is well suited to operation alongside a high-performance microprocessor such as the Atmel ATSAMA5D2, featured here.

Each 134,217,728-bit bank is organised as 8,192 rows by 1,024 columns by 16 bits. The device uses a DDR architecture to achieve high-speed operation.

Offering a range of operating frequencies, programmable burst lengths and programmable latencies, the AS4C32M16MD1A-5BCN can operate successfully in a variety of high-bandwidth and high-performance memory systems.

• 60-ball fine-pitch BGA package: 8mm x 9mm
• 200MHz clock frequency
• 400Mbits/pin data rate
• LVCMOS interface
• Operating-temperature range: -25°C to 85°C