Atmel – Low-power ARM Cortex-A5-based MPU integrates audio and display-control capabilities



Atmel has launched a new series of secure Atmel | SMART ARM® Cortex®-A5-based microprocessors which integrate audio and display-control functions to ease the implementation of advanced user interfaces in cars and other types of vehicles.

The SAMA5D2 series provides for a high level of system integration, offering a complete audio sub-system consisting of
multiple I2S and SSC/TDM channels, a stereo Class-D amplifier and digital microphone support. The MPU also includes an on-board 24-bit TFT LCD controller.

Featuring an ARM NEONTM engine, the new SAMA5D2 series’ ARM Cortex-A5 core runs at an operating frequency of 500MHz, providing throughput of 785 DMIPS. Its memory system includes a configurable 16- or 32-bit DDR interface controller, 16-bit External Bus Interface (EBI), QSPI Flash interface, ROM with secure and non-secure boot solution, 128kbytes of SRAM, plus 128kbytes of L2 cache configurable as an SRAM extension.

Security is also a strong part of the SAMA5D2’s offering. The robust security system includes:
• ARM® TrustZone® technology
• Secure boot
• Hardware cryptography
• RSA/ECC capability
• On-the-fly encryption/decryption on DDR and QSPI memories
• Tamper resistance
• Memory scrambling
• Independent watchdog
• Temperature, voltage and frequency monitoring
• A unique ID in each device

The new SAMA5D2 MPUs draw less than 200μA in Retention mode with context preserved and a fast 30μs wake-up time. In the devices’ new Back-up mode, in which the DDR memory continues to refresh itself, the current is just 50μA.


  • Floating point unit
  • Dual CAN-FD controller
  • 10/100 Ethernet MAC with IEEE1588
  • One 12-bit image sensor controller with Raw Bayer support
  • Free Linux distribution
  • 40 peripheral drivers encoded in C
  • Maximum ambient temperature 105°C


  • Car infotainment systems
  • Industrial IoT equipment
  • Wearable devices
  • Point-of-sale terminals


The SAMA5D2 Xplained Ultra prototyping and evaluation platform features a SAMA5D27B-CU MPU. It also includes Arduino R3-compatible and Atmel XPRO expansion headers for the connection of external shields.

Orderable Part Number: ATSAMA5D2B-XULT