C&K – Switches for harsh environments feature LED colour illumination


C&K has expanded its K12S series of surface-mount key switches for harsh environments with improved options for illumination, environmental sealing and actuation.

The use of a material which provides better transparency while withstanding high reflow temperatures has enabled C&K to improve the luminosity of the K12S switches. It offers a choice of six standard LED colours: amber, green, orange, red, white and yellow.

The K12S series now includes a switch which is sealed to IP67 standard for use in outdoor applications such as automotive door locks, boot openers and motorbike handles. An IP40 version of the switch is available for less demanding environments.

C&K has also introduced new double-pole, single-throw configurations of the switches with dual contacts, in addition to the existing single-pole, single-throw parts with a single contact. The double-pole versions have a double-step actuation force of 6N/12N.

In addition, by configuring different combinations of spring mechanisms and cam designs C&K can customise the switches’ travel distance, actuation force and contact position to meet a variety of customer requirements in the same form factor. Their low profile makes them ideal for integration into complex sub-assemblies requiring precise control, in end-products such as joysticks and forklift or crane controls.

In the double-pole, single-throw configuration, the K12S series meets the safety requirements which apply to demanding applications in medical, military, avionics and industrial equipment.


  • Gold-plated, self-cleaning contacts
  • <100mΩ contact resistance
  • >1,000MΩ insulation resistance
  • Rated for 1 million on/off cycles


  • Automotive systems
  • Motorcycles
  • Off-road transportation
  • Industrial electronics equipment