Macronix – 256Mbits Flash memory offers long operating lifetime



The MX25L25673G from Macronix is a 256Mbits serial NOR Flash memory which can provide a long lifetime in applications which require intensive read and write operations, such as in-car display graphics control.

The MX25L25673G uses Macronix’ proprietary memory cell, which reliably stores memory contents even after 100,000 programme and erase cycles. The memory’s 256Mbits of data storage are configured as 33,554,432 x 8 bits internally.

The MX25L25673G features a serial peripheral interface and software protocol allowing operation on a simple three-wire bus while it is in single I/O mode. A status register shows whether a programme or erase operation has been completed.

Security features include:
• Block lock protection
• 4kbits one-time programmable security memory
• Command reset
• Standardised electronic identification
• Supports serial Flash discoverable parameters mode