Microchip – Hardware platform supports new cloud-based design tool for PIC MCUs


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Microchip has introduced an evaluation board to provide a ready-made hardware environment in which to start working with its new cloud-based MPLAB Xpress Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for PIC® microcontrollers.

MPLAB Xpress is an online development environment which contains the most popular features of Microchip’s MPLAB X IDE. This simplified and distilled application is a faithful reproduction of the desktop-based programme, and allows users to easily cross between the PC and the cloud environments.

The new MPLAB Xpress evaluation board features a PIC16F18855 MCU, an 8-bit device which offers low power consumption, high performance and a choice of on-chip peripherals. These peripherals enable the user to control their system with a minimal amount of code.

The PIC16F18855’s peripherals may be set- up graphically using the MPLAB Code Configurator plug-in, a process which can save weeks of development time.

Sensors, actuators and drive circuitry may be easily added to a system based on the MPLAB Xpress evaluation board by using the on-board MikroBusTM expansion header. Users may choose from more than 180 MikroElektronika ClickTM expansion boards, with options including Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® connectivity, and relays, motor drivers and sensors.