Microchip – Online development tool provides easy way to start a PIC MCU project


Microchip has launched a simplified, cloud-based version of its popular MPLAB® X Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for PIC® microcontrollers.

The MPLAB Xpress Cloud-Based IDE is a free online development environment which contains the most popular features of MPLAB X. This reduced version of the application is a faithful reproduction of the desktop-based programme, which allows users to easily cross from one environment to the other.

MPLAB Xpress is an ideal starting point for new users of PIC MCUs, since it requires no downloads and no machine configuration, enabling the designer to start work on system development without delay.

MPLAB Xpress incorporates the latest version of the MPLAB Code Configurator, which enables users to automatically generate initialisation and application C code for 8-bit PIC MCUs using a graphical interface and pin map.

MPLAB Xpress projects may be stored in the cloud, and the Community feature allows users to share ideas with others, and to call on a shared code repository.


  • No software installation required
  • Simplified IDE makes it easy to get started
    on development work
  • Evaluate most recent compilers
  • Simulation capability means that no
    hardware is necessary
  • Use a library of existing projects


  • Designs based on 8-bit PIC MCUs


Supports MPLAB Xpress IDE
Orderable Part Number: DM164140