NXP – Automotive Schottky barrier rectifier draws low leakage current


The PMEG100V060ELPD from NXP Semiconductors is a part in the company’s Maximum Efficiency General Application (MEGA) series of Schottky barrier rectifiers. Qualified for use in automotive applications, the device is notable for its low leakage current.

The device’s average forward current is rated at a maximum of 6A. The maximum reverse voltage specification is 100V.

The PMEG100V060ELPD is encapsulated in a CFP15 (SOT1289) flat lead, surface-mount package which is just 0.78mm high.


  • Low forward voltage
  • High power capability due to clip-bonding technology and heat-sink
  • 175°C maximum junction temperature
  • AEC-Q101 qualified


  • Low-voltage rectification
  • Automotive LED lighting
  • High-efficiency DC-DC conversion
  • Switch-mode power supplies
  • Reverse polarity protection